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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lester Liberalmann Punks Dervish Sanders

"You sound jealous Mystere! Did you want to whack Whitey? I bet you do! You'd whack him, suck him, and let him jizz on your face! Sicko! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Pookie Toot Toot is calling out for help. Dervish Sanders has been neglecting his boifriend time with Lester Liberalmann. Pookie Toot-Toot's been getting a bit cranky, taking his anger out at various blog sites, using Dervish's name as his disguise. His latest monkey spanking attempt at my Wordpress blog Cleveland Foxers is a desperate plea for help. Heads up, Dervish! Your butt buddy This 0ne is getting horny and desperate. I'm not going to be responsible for his queer sins if he can't stop jacking off with himself. You need to give him a peace offering before he jacks off even more with your name. You can see what he wrote, using your name. I just copied and pasted it at the beginning of this post to give you a heads up. I didn't approve his comment for posting at the Wordpress site. Oh, and he has Karma coming his way too, when the time is right. He left some digital breadcrumbs showing that the retort didn't originate from Tennessee.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Pookie Toot Toot's Been Hiding

Pookie Toot Toot has made himself scarce for a while.  He knows he'll get a political beatdown if he moons Who's Your Daddy with 1 of his witless retorts.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dervish Sanders Is Freaking Out Again… The "Blogey's" Gonna Get You

Looks like Dervish is suffering another panic attack again. Dervish's blog enemies have pranked him by creating a Google Account, using one of his email addresses as a backup address. Dervish puked his guts out on his trashy hate blog sites, after the blog bogey man punked him by revealing some secrets he knows about him. This blog bogey man made Dervish dump in his Depends. This "blogey man" seems to be one hip blogger! Dervish must be suffering nightmares over this.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Dervish Sanders, Quackobyrd & Pookie Toot Toot's Infamous Road Trip.


As we look back at Jenn's post from a few years ago, we can see Lester Liberalmann becoming unhinged. He, Ducky and Dervish Sanders have all become more vile over the years. Remember when Pookie Toot Toot went into business, stealing turds from septic tanks?

It looks like Pookie Toot-Toot has gone into business with Fartbreath al-Dervish Sanders and expanded the business.

Fartbreath al-Dervish Sanders has gone into brainwashing more left wing extremists with the new business. Quackobyrd got hired to be the head stool pigeon. Quackobyrd, Fartbreath and Pookie Toot Toot are seen around town, raising big stinks in public.

Quackobyrd enjoys flying around town in search of sewage spills, nose diving into them in hopes of feeling tingles up his tailfeathers. Quackobyrd flies off to Fartbreath Dervish and Pookie Toot Toot, preparing them for a turd burglary heist in the middle of the night.

In their hasty departure, the 3 blog stooges race to a newly found septic tank overflow, forgetting their competition for stinky turds.

One of their liberal 0bamabot competitors opened the barn door when the 3 blog stooges trespassed on their dairy farm to raid the steer manure pile. An angry bull came charging out, goring Fartbreath Dervish from behind. Fartbreath Dervish whirled around as he got tossed and gored. The 3 blog stooges packed up, and went speeding west on the interstate, headed for Sacramento.

During the drive west to Sacramento California, Fartbreath Dervish's mutts Kiké and Jigaboos gave Quackobyrd and Pookie Toot Toot "love nibbles" on their behinds, giving them huge tingles up their L'eggs. Fartbreath Dervish got extremely jealous, stopped the truck and went searching for an outhouse. During his search, 2 cows in the field spotted him trying to steal turds and chased him off the dairy farm.

Fartbreath Dervish and his stooge buttboys drove off in a hurry. Fartbreath Dervish, Quackobyrd and Pookie Toot-Toot started running out of money and sold themselves to the liberal freaks in exchange for cash. Quackobyrd sold himself to eproctophiles while Fartbreath Dervish prostituted himself to GLSEN & GLAAD members looking for a sniffer.

After Fartbreath Dervish and Quackobyrd managed to scam off their liberal buffoons huge sums of cash, Quackobyrd, Pookie Toot Toot and Fartbreath hit the Interstate again, heading toward Moonbeam's dump Sacramento California.

While out in the desert, Fartbreath Dervish, Quackobyrd and Pookie Toot Toot started missing their daily crunchy flea, tick and tapeworm snacks. At a rest stop along the highway, they resorted to looking for fleas in their carcasses and strangers' dogs. Fartbreath Dervish's mutts Schweinhund and Buttstink started passing gas in Fartbreath Dervish's truck, making Quackobyrd and Pookie Toot Toot super horny. Fartbreath Dervish stepped out with his mutt Buttstink and stuffed his head up Buttstink to satisfy their needs. Quackobyrd and Pookie Toot Toot stepped out of the truck and started spanking their pet monkeys after getting aroused, watching Fartbreath Dervish engaging in eproctophila. Shortly afterwards, they continued down the highway, heading towards Governor Moonbeam's stinky barn.

Soon afterwards, they pulled into a seedy motel in the middle of the Nevada desert to rest for the night.

Soon after they went to bed, Fartbreath Dervish Sanders started having nightmares. The nightmare started with Funaki alongside 2 WWE Divas.

In the first scene, Funaki told Fartbreath Dervish hot women loved being with him.

Dervish started panicking, hoping Funaki didn't say what he did.

In the next scene, Fartbreath Dervish was sitting in the corner of a wrestling ring, with a WWE Diva poised to give him a stinkface.

The scenes kept changing, with different WWE Divas, each ready to stinkface Fartbreath Dervish.

Fartbreath Dervish kept screaming in his sleep, waking up Pookie Toot Toot and Quackobyrd.

Pookie Toot Toot, Quackobyrd and Fartbreath Dervish left the seedy motel in the middle of the night, speeding west on the highway towards the California border.

Fartbreath Dervish received a call from Baldy Moonbeam, requesting special services and a septic tank cleanout, during the drive. They crossed the state line at dangerous speeds, nearly taking out a car on the mountain road. Fortunately, the driver swerved out of the way when Fartbreath Dervish's tanker came within inches of smashing into his car. Fartbreath Dervish had been texting Baldy Moonbeam the estimated time of arrival to his barn.

Baldy Moonbeam's ears perked up when Fartbreath Dervish, Quackobyrd and Pookie Toot Toot pulled up to the California State Capitol. Baldy Moonbeam's septic tank overflowed into the yard, creating a huge mess. Quackobyrd decided to dive in and take a swim. Pookie Toot Toot joined Quackobyrd, making a huge splash.

Dervish, in the meantime, went into Baldy Moonbeam's outhouse to relieve himself. The hours of driving made him tense and horny. Dervish opened his 0bama sex toy, saying to himself it was speaking to him. He pleasured himself with it, while sitting in the outhouse.

Fartbreath Dervish started hearing 0bama's voice after yanking the 0bama toy out. Thinking it was possessed, Fartbreath Dervish made a phone call to Walmart.

On the first attempt, the Walmart employee thought it was a crank call and hung up. Fartbreath Dervish called back a second time. This time, the employee listened.
The Walmart employee laughed at Fartbreath Dervish, traced the call to Governor Moonbeam's pig farm and hung up. Afterwards, Dervish went on line to troll Who's Your Daddy. On the Tuesday March 13 2018 post, Dervish confessed his love for Obama.

Dervish tried to disguise his lust by claiming his love is platonic. Dervish, however, has been known to mostly lie while posting. Fartbreath Dervish has been trying to hide his fixation on WWE Rikishi's farts and stinkfaces by accusing others of wanting them. Fartbreath Dervish has tried to disguise his gay fixation by accusing others, failing miserably every time.

Fartbreath Dervish didn't notice Governor Moonbeam spying over his shoulder while writing his vile retorts. Moonbeam, seeing Fartbreath Dervish sucking on his 0bama toy and satisfied with Fartbreath Dervish's queerness, asked Fartbreath Dervish for a queer "favor" in private.

Baldy Moonbeam had run out of toilet paper, and asked Fartbreath Dervish if he could lick him clean. Fartbreath Dervish jumped with joy and fulfilled one of his gay fantasies at the same time.

In the meantime, Pookie Toot Toot and Quackobyrd finished siphoning the sewage spill into the tanker. Afterwards, Baldy Moonbeam called the 3 of them into his barn. Moonbeam paid Pookie Toot Toot, Quackobyrd and Fartbreath Dervish with 2 farting cows he swindled from a dairy farmer for not paying fart taxes. With the truck fully loaded, the 3 of them headed back home.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pookie Toot Toot Posts Pornographic Pics On Mike's America Blog

Lester Liberalmann has gone off on a porn smear at Mike's America. On one of Mike's recent post, Lester under the alias "This One" posted a GIF of himself holding his penis, publicly urinating. Mike quickly deleted Lester's pornographic retort after it came to his attention. Lester has a fixation on posting homoerotic pornography on conservative posts. Pookie Toot-Toot gets a rise out of irritating and harassing conservatives with no regards of the damage he does to any minor who may come across the blog posts he pollutes with homosexual pornography.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Lester Liberalmann's Butt Boy Slobbers Over Naked Donald Trump Statue Pictures

Pookie Toot-Toot's butt boy Dervish Sanders left some photos of his fantasy on a retort he posted on one of my blog sites. Dervish is slobbering over his fantasy of "playing" with a naked Donald Trump. Sanders is one sick puppy.